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Crawl as many websites as you desire. You can run EDH 24/7 and find unlimited amount of domains ready to be registered.

Unique Expired Domains

You decide what domains to crawl, getting unique results just for yourself. Your results won´t be shared with anyone. Your robot, your domains.

+50 TLDs Supported

You will find any TLD expire domains, including .com .net .org and up to 50 other TLD´s includen regional TLDs. Perfect way to rank local websites.

How EDH Work?

Select a desired domain. EDH will crawl every page looking for expired ready to register domains. Those domains have a link from the domain chosen.

MOZ & Majestic Stats

If you want to find high metrics expired domains, you need to buy credits so you will see MOZ and Majestic SEO Metrics for any domain discovered.

Save time and money

Crawl your own. Forget expending $$$ buying domains in google auctions or any other marketplace. Find high authority domains available to register.

Most advanced Domain Crawler in the market

ExpiredDomainHunt - your own crawler to find Expired Domains. Find high authority drop domains in any niche and build a powerfull PBN in a record time - start competing like pro SEO's

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